Meet The Team

Meet The Team 2017-01-05T20:24:03-06:00
Joshua Weber
Joshua WeberPresident & Founder
Josh founded Gamers HQ at the age of 19 while trying to become a pro Starcraft 2 player. Since then, he has expanded Gamers HQ from a 1,200 sf space with 12 computers to a 3,800 sf Gaming Arena with 30+ gaming PC’s and dozens of other gaming consoles.

Favorite Game: Starcraft 2

Our Valuable Team Members

Frank Lassek
Frank LassekStore Manager & Lead Technician
Frank, also known in the car world as ‘Frankenstein’, repairs and takes apart just about anything he can get his hands on. Frank himself owned a Gaming Arena in Antioch. One year into it, he and Josh decided it would be best to join forces and take Gamers HQ to the next level.

Favorite Game: Starcraft 2

Chris Johnson
Chris JohnsonNetwork Administrator & Graphic Designer
Aside from making sure Gamers HQ is always running as perfect as possible, Chris is the Executive Director for Next Generation Gaming, an online gaming community of several thousand.

Favorite Game: Tough to decide. For different reasons, X-Wing Alliance, Star Wars Galaxies, and Witcher 3 come to mind

Jonathan Lassek
Jonathan LassekManager
If you’ve ever been to Gamers HQ, chances are, you’ve seen Jon working the front desk and helping people out around the shop. Jon used to manage a LAN Center in Antioch, IL and after that closed down, he came down and is working as a manager with Gamers HQ.

Favorite Game: Has many, but not a singular favorite